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Evaluation of patients with stroke after rehabilitation

Evangelia Kakagianni , Martha Kelesi-Stavropoulou , Evridiki Kampa , Dimitrios Papageorgiou


Introduction: The stroke is the most common type of brain disease and is the first cause of functional disability for daily living activities. The stroke has a direct impact on health systems, resulting in high costs, and is considered a global public health problem due to severe disabilities, functional limitations, and a reduced quality of life for patients. Aim: The purpose of this doctoral thesis is to investigate the quality of life of patients who have undergone stroke and have followed rehabilitation. Material and Method: For the purpose of the study, an experimental study will be conducted in patients with stroke. The study sample will consist of people who have been diagnosed with a stroke and visited General Hospital of Athens. Two groups of patients will be examined. Results: The expected outcome of this doctoral dissertation will be to measure the quality of life of patients with stroke after rehabilitation compared to those who did not follow rehabilitation. It is estimated that the results of the survey will help both healthcare professionals who are expert in stroke, as well as patient caregivers in order, to better understand the physical and mental health of patients and to improve rehabilitation and care. Conclusions: The study is particularly useful in organizing rehabilitation services in all therapeutic structures in Greece, which will help prevent, early diagnose and treat dysfunctions of all patients suffering from this disease, as well as in shorter hospitalization and lower costs in the country's health units.

Keywords: stroke, Rehabilitation, physiotherapy, ergotherary

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