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The importance of nutrition in the prevention and treatment of idiopathic inflammatory bowel diseases

Dimitrios Papageorgiou , Anastasia-Maria Sgouraki , Alexandros-Pantelis Tsigkas


Inflammatory bowel disease is a general term used to describe diseases that involve a chronic inflammation of the digestive tract. The idiopathic inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD) are: Ulcerative colitis, which refers to the long-term inflammation of the lining of the large intestine (colitis as inflammation of the "colon") and Crohn's disease, which refers to the possible inflammation of the entire digestive tract. , which can often spread deeper than the affected mucous membrane. Diet is one of the environmental factors that regulate the intestinal microbiota, perhaps, it could play a role in the prevention and management of IBD. Consuming a Western diet has been associated with an increased likelihood of gut inflammation. It is important to evaluate the effect of nutrients and foods on the risk of IBD, as well as the effect of dietary patterns and interventions in their management. The intake of fruits, vegetables, probiotics, polyphenols and omega-3 fatty acids may have a protective role in the occurrence of IBD, while the consumption of a high amount of total lipids, omega-6 fatty acids as well as animal proteins increase the risk. According to the literature, a number of different diets have been studied such as exclusive enteral, low fermentable oligo-, di- and monosaccharides and polyols (FODMAP) diet, special carbohydrate diet, anti-inflammatory, Mediterranean, semi-vegetarian and Paleolithic diets and may address symptoms and possibly reduce inflammation. These diets are not suitable for all patients with IBD and the type of the prescribed diet should be depended on age, disease activity, and relevant surgeries.

Keywords: Diet, nutrition, prevention, treatment, inflammatory bowel disease, Crohn s disease, ulcerative colitis

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