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The effects of mans constant changing environment in the bipolar healthiilness and therefore its expansion in the structure and role of the NHS.

Eleni Lahana , Stiliani Kotrotsiou


The combat of sickness and the protection of health have always been central to mans activity. Certainly many centuries and stages were required so as to reach the present “mediocen- tral” society as well as a number o scientific fields to approach and examine the substance of the binomial health-illness, concluding to the description of particular prototypes and justification factors. These approaches have affected the health system regarding its structure and function, creating the need for the shaping of medicare, the increase in the cost of services offered, the increase in the quality of life with an emphasis on prevention and the creation of health education programs. At present due to the polymorphism of health-illness and the problems it creates, specialist discuss of a crisis concerning health matters. A specific definition of the meaning of health is necessary for the increase in knowldedge concerning man and his future and the promotion of health as much as it is for the setting of boundaries regarding the region of activities of various medical functions. This will contribute to the evaluation of the cost-advantage of various therapeutic or prevention programs, which are designed and applied on a health level.

Keywords: Changing environment, health-illness, health system

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