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The concept of care

Stiliani Kotrotsiou , Theodosios Paralikas , Ioanna Papathanasiou , Eleni Lahana , Georgia Kiparisi , Andreas Risoulis


Introduction: From the literature review it derives that the concept of care is multidimensional. Every individual forms a specific attitude towards care depending on the particular social framework he/she has been raised in as well as his/her religious beliefs and cultural background. The theoretical framework of the research is based on both selected terms of meaning of “care” as well as on selected principles of intercultural Nursing care as they have been described by Leininger (1997). According to Leininger, Nursing care as a phenomenon is met in all civilizations while there are particular cultural care standards. The aim of this research is semantic determination of care and therefore, how the Greeks perceive the meaning of Care. Methodology: To answer the above research questions, we chose the approach of phenomenological research method. The collection of data has been accomplished with the method of interviews with open questions. Then, the analysis of the interview data followed in accordance to the technique of content analysis with the Mayring method (summary).Result: From the content analysis the following categories derived: 1. Care means love 2. Care means understanding 3. Care means prevention 4. Care means touch Conclusions: The semantic approach of care as it is perceived from the individuals, accentuates in fact the thesis that the philosophy of nursing science is based on ideals and universal values, whose respect from the professional ensures high quality in provided care and promotes the nursing work for the benefit of the individual and the society, too.

Keywords: Concept of care,  meaning of care,  love,  understanding,  touch 

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