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Sexual education. Necessity of the implementation in the undergraduate program of TEI

Evangelia Kotrotsiou , Ioanna Papathanasiou , Zoe Roupa , Theodosios Paralikas , Stiliani Kotrotsiou , Eleni Lahana


The aim of this study was to investigate the necessity of the implementation of a Sexual Education Programm to the students of TEI of Larissa. Material-Method The sample consisted of 100 students from different departments of the TEI Larissas. The sample was drawn with convenient sampling. An anonymous structured questionnaire, with 30 closed questions was used as a measurement tool. Results Although the vast majority of students declare that they are sexually aware, only 32% seem to know which are the sexually transmitted diseases while the majority (86%) agree that a sexual education course should be introduced in the department's curriculum. Conclusions It is suggested that a sexual education programm is absolutely necessary and was decided that all necessary actions should be taken in order to be introduced in the near future.

Keywords: Sexual education, sexual awareness, student sexual behavior, sexually transmitted diseases, aphrodisiac diseases

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