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Bioethics. An approach based upon the principles of bioethics and its social role

Nikolaos Koios


Even if bioethics consists a part of Ethics, it has established its own principles in order to face the special difficulties of bioethical matters. The principles that were proposed were not panacea for the bioethical thought. Even though, they constituted a common point of reference. An even more important issue is that of the bioethics and its role in the society. Do the aspects of bioethicists influence the societies, their governors and have legislative power? Both subjects, principles and role in the society are very important to whoever wants to have a realistic approach to what is named “bioethics” today.

Keywords: Principles of bioethics, autonomy, beneficence, normalleficence, justice, bioethical legislation, golden age of bioethics, clinical bioethics, regulatory bioethics, religious ethics

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